Late Capitalism and the Scientific Image of Man

This is a relatively brief (7,000 words) essay I wrote recently for my degree. The aim was to sketch a few initial outlines of some of the intellectual sites I’m interested in pursuing in the thesis, which means that it does contain a number of sweeping claims (particularly towards the end) that need to be elaborated on quite a bit – but this is something I intend to do in future writings. The topic of the essay is the cognitive malaise concomitant with digital culture as daily life in late capitalism, and the speculative potency of the scientific image for the construction of alternate cultural scenarios. The essay can be found here.


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Jon Lindblom (b. 1986) is a cultural theorist and editor, based in Stockholm. He has a PhD in Visual Cultures from Goldsmiths, University of London, and a degree in book publishing from Stockholm University. View all posts by Jon Lindblom

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