The Cognitive Import of Contemporary Cinema: ‘Enter the Void’

This is a recently finished piece in which I present some thoughts on the cognitive import of contemporary cinema from the perspective of modern neuroanthropology (Metzinger) and rationalist inhumanism (Negarestani), by looking at deviant phenomenal models and various forms of cinematic perception in Gaspar Noé’s psychedelic melodrama Enter the Void (2010). Also included are brief critical accounts of the recently proposed philosophies of aesthetics and cinema by Steven Shaviro and Darren Ambrose. The essay can be found here. Key sequences of the film mentioned in the essay can be found here (DMT-sequence) and here (death-sequence).


About Jon Lindblom

Jon Lindblom (b. 1986) is a cultural theorist and editor, based in Stockholm. He has a PhD in Visual Cultures from Goldsmiths, University of London, and a degree in book publishing from Stockholm University. His theoretical work mainly focuses on reconsidering the history and rehabilitating the grand dimensions of cultural and aesthetic modernism, whereas his publishing work is oriented around implementing these ambitions through the publishing platform Modernism Unbound ( View all posts by Jon Lindblom

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